Mulch & Pinestraw

Mulch & Pinestraw in Lexington, SC

Your garden is a sanctuary inside of your yard and needs maintenance fairly often to keep it beautiful. One of the best things you can do for your garden is have either mulch or pine straw placed around your flowers.

The last thing you want in your garden is weeds. Fortunately, our lawn care company located in Lexington, South Carolina has a solution that prevents weeds and assists in the growth of the beautiful flowers in your garden. The solution is a choice between either having mulch or having pine straw installed in your lawn. There are many benefits of having pine straw installed by our lawn care specialists. To begin with, pine straw prevents the growth of weeds, and, therefore, less lawn weed control.

During the winter garden maintenance, having a decent layer of pine straw will help keep the cold from getting down deep into the root of your plants. While the pine straw begins to degrade and get absorbed by your garden, it provides lawn treatment giving your plants what it needs to grow.

If some of your lawn repair comes from over saturation of your flowers due to frequent rain, then pine straw is the perfect solution. Not only will the pine straw not wash away due to the rain, but it will help drive some of the excess water away from your garden.

Get Mulch in Your Lawn Today

Having mulch put in by our lawn care professionals also adds many benefits to your garden. Mulch helps to maintain the moisture due to rain fall, or water obtained from a sprinkler system keeping it all from evaporating before your plants get the chance to absorb it. The mere appearance of mulch can add a very warm, and consistent color to your lawn after our lawn mulching.

Similar to pine straw, once our lawn mulching begins to degrade and disappear into the soil, it will give your plants extra nutrients to support growth. You will also see your plants less affected by either hot or cold temperatures during the year.

The mulch helps to keep the soil both not as hot during the summer, and not nearly as cold during the winter. There is never a terrible time for our lawn care specialists to put down pine straw or mulch in your yard. Our lawn care professionals are always ready by the phone, and prepared to handle any questions you may have. If this sounds like the kind of lawn care service you want done, give us a call at Going Green Lawn Care & Landscaping today!


What our customers Are Saying

  • “ We use Going Green Lawn Care & Landscaping for all of our yard maintenance and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Chip helped us pick out everything from the type of grass to the plants. He even helped us with our outdoor fireplace as well. We get compliments on our yard all the time! ”

    - John S.

  • “ I don’t have time to maintain my yard like I would like so I called Chip at Going Green Lawn Care to give me a hand. I use them for everything from general ground maintenance to all of my landscaping as well. I trust Chip and his team to pick the perfect plants for my yard. ”

    - Brett D.

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